Supermicro AOC-LPZCR3 Low Profile ALL-IN-ONE ZERO-Channel RAID Card

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  • Mfr Part Number: AOC-LPZCR3
  • Processor: Intel 80321 600MHz I/O Processor
  • RAID Levels: 0, 1, 5, 10 and JBOD; 50 (SAS and SATA modes)
  • Cache Memory: 256MB onboard ECC DDR Memory
  • Battery: Battery Backup
  • Bus Type: 64-bit/100MHz PCI-X
  • Key RAID Features:
    • RAID detection, buildup, delete, error detection
    • Disk initialization and verification
    • Hot-spare disk drive support for easy replacement
    • Hot-spare disk support with automatic rebuild
    • Monitors the functionality of LED and alarm for attached disk drives
    • Indicates disk drive failure with audible alarm and LED
    • Indicates disk drive rebuild through LED
    • Eliminates human error such as removal of wrong disk drive(s)
    • Monitors temperature and system overheat
  • Advantages:
    • Supports SAS, SATA and SCSI modes (interchangeable via jumper settings)
    • Supports SAS SES2 Enclosure Management Software for SAS mode
    • Utilizes motherboard's existing SAS / SATA / SCSI I/O Channels
    • Eliminates the need of a SAS / SATA / SCSI I/O chip on motherboard. Saves on cost of a regular RAID card
    • Offers high-speed throughput, scalability and space-saving/cost-effective hardware RAID solution
  • Compatible Operating Systems:
    • Microsoft Windows XP/ 2000/ 2003
    • Linux SuSE 9.0/ 9.1/ 9.2, RedHat 3.0/ 4.0
  • Management Software:
    • Storage Management (ASM)
    • Flash Utility (AFU)
    • Configuration Utility (ACU)
  • Compatible Products:
    • Motherboard:
      • SAS: X6DA3-G2; X6DH3-G2; X6DHP-3G2; X7DA3; X7DB3; X7DBR-3
      • SATA: H8DSR-8; X6DAL-TB2; X6DAT-G; X6DHT-G; X6DHP-TG
      • SCSI: H8DA8; H8DSP-8; H8DSR-8; H8SSP-8; PDSG4; PDSM4; PDSM4+; PDSMP-8; P8SC8; X6DA8-G; X6DA8-G2; X6DH8-G; X6DH8-G2; X6DH8-G2+; X6DH8-XB; X6DH8-XG2; X6DHP-8G; X6DHP-8G2; X6DLP-4G2; X6QT8; X7DA8; X7DB8; X7DB8+; X7DB8-X; X7DBP-8; X7DBR-8; X7DBX-8; X7DVA-8
    • System:
      • SAS: SS6014P-32; SS6014P-32R; SS6015B-3V; SS6015B-3RV; SS6024H-32R; SS7044A-32; SS7044H-32R
      • SATA: SS6014P-T; SS6014P-TR; SS6024H-T; SS6024H-TR; SS7044H-T; SS7044H-TR; AS1020A-T
      • SCSI: SS5015P-8; SS5015P-8R; SS5025M-4+; SS6014P-8; SS6014P-8R; SS6014P-82; SS6014P-82R; SS6015B-8V; SS6015P-8; SS6015P-8R; SS6015X-8V; SS6023P-8R; SS6024H-32; SS6024H-32R; SS6024H-82; SS6024H-82R; SS6024H-8R; SS6025B-3V; SS6025B-3RV; SS6025B-8; SS6025B-8R+V; SS6034H-X8R; SS6035B-8; SS6035B-8R; SS6035B-8R+V; SS7044A-32; SS7044A-8; SS7044A-82; SS7044A-82R; SS7044H-32R; SS7044H-82; SS7044H-82R; SS7044H-82R+; SS7044H-X8R; SS7045A-3; SS7045A-8; SS7045B-3; SS7045B-8R+; AS1010P-8; AS1010P-8R; AS1020P-8; AS1020P-8R; AS1020S-8
    • Controllers:
      • Adaptec SAS Host Controller (AIC-9410)
      • Marvell Hercules-2 SATA Host Controller (AIC-8130 or AIC-8140)
      • Adaptec Ultra320 SCSI Host Controller (AIC-7901 or AIC-7902)
      • AMI SAS Enclosure Management Controller (MG-9071 or MG-9072)
  • Dimensions(WxH): 2.5 x 6.6 inch
  • RoHS Compliant

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