Seagate 18.35Gb 15000RPM Ultra SCSI 80Pin 4Mb Cache 3.5-Inch Internal Hot-Swappable Hard Drive

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The most comprehensive drive protection system in the industry, consisting of Drive Defense, Data Defense and Diagnostic Defense. Seagate's Advanced Multidrive System optimizes the drive for maximum I/O performance in Multidrive environments


Technical Information

Storage Capacity:     18.35 GB
Maximum External Data Transfer Rate:     160 MBps (1.3 Gbps)
Maximum Internal Data Transfer Rate:     63.5 MBps (508 Mbps)
Rotational Speed:     15000 rpm
Buffer:     4 MB
Average Seek Time:     4.50 ms
Average Latency:     2 ms
Drive Interface:     Ultra160 SCSI
SCSI Pin:     80-pin
Input Voltage:     12 V DC
Drive Type:     Internal
Drive Width:     3.5"
Drive Height:     1/3H
Hot Swappable:     Yes
Height:     1.0"
Width:     3.0"
Depth:     5.7"

Additional Information

Formatted Int Transfer Rate:37.4 MBytes/sec(min)
Formatted Int Transfer Rate:48.9 MBytes/sec(max)
Spinup Time:20 sec
Power-on to Ready Time:20 sec
Total Tracks:103,770
Areal Density:7,516 Mbits/square inch
Track Density:21,400 tracks/inch
Recording Density:351,232 bits/inch(max)
Recording Method:NPV
Operating Temperature Change:20 deg C/hr(max)
Nonoperating Temperature Change:20 deg C/hr(max)
Operating Humidity Change:10 percent per hour(max)
Operating Wet Bulb Temp:28 deg C(max)

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