Symmetricom PCIE-1000-OCXO SyncPOINT PTP IEEE-1588 Computer Precision Timing Card

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The Symmetricom PCIe-1000 PTP Clock Card 089-00376-000 is referred through this manual as the PCIe-1000 card. It is also referred to in other literature as SyncPoint PCIe-1000. The PCIe-1000 card provides ultra high availability time with sub-microsecond accurate time stamps for programs running in Linux. The IEEE 1588 based PCIe-1000 has been optimized to be resilient to network related time errors and provides nanosecond caliber time as needed to a Linux program in under a microsecond. The PTP synchronized PCIe-1000 synchronizes to a PTP grandmaster, such as a SyncServer, over a network. Networks can introduce arrival time jitter of critical timing packets at the PTP slave, called packet delay variation (PDV). To overcome PDV the PCIe-1000 deploys state-of-the art filtering and servo algorithms, accommodates increased packet exchange rates, and includes a high performance OCXO oscillator as standard. The net result is an extremely accurate clock that is very resilient to network impairments. The PCIe-1000 includes a 1 PPS output signal with a convenient BNC connector that is useful to compare the time on the card to that of the master. This is useful in adjusting the PTP parameters for optimal time transfer accuracy over the network. The 1 PPS is also useful to synchronize adjacent network devices or probes that accept a 1 PPS input. Once synchronized, the PCIe-1000 provides time to the host machine by either writing the time directly to a host memory location or by responding to requests for time over the PCIe bus. Applications accessing the hosted memory time location can read the time in excess of one million times per second and retrieve monotonically advancing time.



Model Number:  PCIE-1000-OCXO

Brand:  Symmetricom

Alt Part Number(s):  PCIE-1000-OCXO

Product Type:  Clock Card


Technical Description

Symmetricom PCIE-1000-OCXO SyncPOINT PTP IEEE-1588 Computer Precision Timing Card.


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