Microsemi Domain Time II Comprehensive Windows based NTP/PTP solution Starter Kit

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Domain Time II is a comprehensive software solution that simplifies time synchronization across the network. Versatile time clients keep the network hierarchy synchronized to a GPS-referenced network time server. Easy-to-use management tools simplify and automate many tasks related to keeping these clients up-to-date. Monitoring functions track the time client sync across the network and notify you of any problems. Domain Time II has been designed to conform to your existing network infrastructure and to scale easily across installations of any size or complexity. In addition, Domain Time II has unmatched accuracy, manageability, security, and verifiability features that are essential in any environment with mission-critical systems.


Domain Time II in conjunction with a Microsemi network time server provides more features to ensure accurate delivery of time than any other network time product, including high-accuracy time protocols, time-source averaging, clock training, slewing, target seeking, and an efficient time cascade update hierarchy, among others. Choose between NTP, IEEE 1588/PTP, and/or the accurate Domain Time II protocol to synchronize your network.


Domain Time II incorporates and tracks multiple types of data that verify exactly who synchronized from whom, when, and what the actual adjustments were. This information can be collected remotely by the Management Tools to provide unimpeachable audit records of time synchronization across your enterprise. Interoperability Domain Time II supports NTP, IEEE 1588-2008/PTP (Default Profile), and Domain Time II protocols. Flexibility in client configuration allows for mixed protocol networks to achieve the best synchronization and management performance to meet your synchronization objectives.


Domain Time II provides built-in protection against malicious or inadvertent tampering with the time on your network.


Providing the reliability, you demand; Domain Time II software servers automatically take over for each other when one becomes unavailable and clients automatically find alternate time servers if there’s a failure.


Model Number:  Domain Time II

Brand:  Microsemi

Alt Part Number(s):  Domain Time II

Product Type:  Starter Kit 



Installation and ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting of time synchronization are reduced or even eliminated. Components can be installed, upgraded, and configured network-wide from a single workstation using the Management Tools. Clients automatically discover the correct time servers and protocols. Monitor time status network-wide and raise out-of-sync alarms using Monitor Service or optionally Audit Serve

Domain Time II Client

High-accuracy time client for Windows: fully configurable, fully automatic, or entirely manual. Can completely replace the less accurate Windows Time Service. Can use NTP, IEEE 1588/PTP (Default Profile, v2), and/or Domain Time II protocols to meet your synchronization objectives.

Domain Time II Server

Acts as part of the Domain Time distribution hierarchy or independently. Can completely replace the Windows Time Service

Domain Time II Audit Server (Optional)

Routinely collects time sync data from Domain Time components and stores them to create a secure audit trail. Also audits external time sources for further verification of correct time for audit trails.

Key Benefits

Complete records of time synchronization accuracy of the computers on your network Know when a machine was last synchronized, with what time source, as well as its variance from the reference time source Peace of mind from an automatic software system routinely auditing time on your network, Know that you will be notified if time or audit period is out of tolerance Cross check network time with independent time sources for historical validation


Automatically audit the time on your network

Clear, indisputable records

Generate alerts if time or audit

period exceeds specified tolerances

Integrates perfectly with Domain Time II time synchronization software suite

Integrates with existing network Management programs

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