Kaser M64-32A TNT2 Model 64 AGP 4x 32MB VGA Video Card

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This Kaser NVIDIA TNT2 Model 64 Video card gives you budget graphics at a budget price. This all-business, no-frills video card is the perfect low-cost solution for workstations and simple Internet/e-mail systems. With an AGP 4x interface and 32 MB of RAM on a 64-bit memory bus, this basic video card delivers performance better than most onboard video chipsets in 2D and 3D modes. Order now!


                WARNING:         The solder used in this product contains lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm. Please wash hands after handling internal components and circuit boards and avoid inhalation of fumes if heating the solder.





Kaser NVIDIA TNT2 Model 64 32 MB AGP 4x Video Card


General Features:

Powered by NVIDIA TNT2 Model 64 chipset

AGP 4x/2x interface

32 MB video memory

64-bit memory bus

128-bit internal data bus


MPEG & MPEG2, Indeo & Cinepak video playback

Multi-tap X & Y scaling and filtering

Color space conversion

Alpha Blending, Anistropic Filtering, Anti-Aliasing, Bilinear filtering, Bump Mapping

VGA 15-pin D-sub connector


Regulatory Approvals:



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