Intel Xeon 2.66GHz 533MHz 512Kb Cache Soc. 604 Pin INT-mPGA

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This Intel Xeon processor with 533 MHz Front Side Bus delivers compute power at unparalleled value and flexibility for powerful workstations, internet infrastructure, and departmental server applications. The Intel NetBurst microarchitecture and Hyper-Threading Technology deliver outstanding performance and headroom for peak internet server workloads, resulting in faster response times, support for more users, and improved scalability

This Intel Xeon Processor with 533 MHz Front Side Bus is designed for high-performance dual-processor workstation and server applications. Based on the Intel NetBurst microarchitecture and the new Hyper-Threading Technology, it is binary compatible with previous Intel Architecture (IA-32) processors. The Intel Xeon processor with 533 MHz Front Side Bus is scalable to two processors in a multiprocessor system providing exceptional performance for applications running on advanced operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows 2000, Linux, and UNIX

BX80532KE2667DU Specifications

Technical Information

  • Processor Manufacturer:     Intel
  • Processor Core:     Single-core (1 Core)
  • Clock Speed:     2.66 GHz
  • Bus Speed:     533 MHz
  • L1 Cache:     8 KB
  • L2 Cache:     512 KB
  • Process Technology:     130 nm
  • Processor Technology:     Hyper-Threading Technology
  • Processor Socket:     Socket PGA-604

Power Description

  • Input Voltage:     1.5 V DC


  • Additional Information:     
  • Core Stepping: M0
  • Thermal Guideline: 77.0W
  • Bus/Core Ratio: 20
  • Thermal Monitor
  • Advanced Dynamic Execution
  • Very deep out-of-order execution
  • Enhanced branch prediction
  • Power Management capabilities
  • System Management mode
  • Multiple low-power states
  • Bandwidth up to 4.3 GB/second
  • Machine Check Architecture (MCA)
  • Advanced System Management Features
  • Dual processing server/workstation support
  • Enables system support of up to 64 GB of physical memory
  • Binary compatible with applications running on previous members of Intel's IA32 microprocessor line
  • Level 1 Execution Trace Cache stores 12-K micro-ops and removes decoder latency from main execution loops
  • 512-KB Advanced Transfer Cache (on-die, full-speed Level 2 (L2) cache) with 8-way associativity and Error Correcting Code (ECC)
  • 144 new instructions for double-precision floating point operations, media/video streaming, and secure transactions
  • Enhanced floating point and multimedia unit for enhanced video, audio, encryption, and 3D performance
  • Rapid Execution Engine:

  • Arithmetic Logic Units (ALUs) run at twice the processor core frequency
  • Platform Supported:     PC
  • Compatibility:     
  • Intel E7505 chipset
  • Intel E7501 chipset


  • Limited Warranty:     3 Year

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