Intel BOXN440BX Dual-CPU Chipset-Intel 440BX 1Gb PC100 SDRAM ATX Server Motherboard

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Intel's N440BX dual-CPU server board offers business users the performance of the ultra-fast 450MHz Pentium II processor. These processors require the board's 82440BX chipset, which supports their 100MHz system bus speed--an increase of 50% over the older system bus speed of 66MHz. Upgrading to an 82440BX system isn't just a matter of utilizing faster CPU's; data flow is sped up between the processor and each component in the system. The N440BX board contains four 168-pin gold-plated SDRAM DIMM sockets which support up to 512MB unbuffered or 1GB registered PC/100 100MHz SDRAM. Accepted memory module sizes are 32MB, 64MB, 128MB and 256MB (registered). Either 72-bit ECC or 64-bit non-ECC 3.3v memory is supported. Five expansion slots are available on the board: three dedicated PCI slots, one dedicated ISA slot, and one PCI/ISA shared slot. The Intel PCI/ISA/IDE Xcelerator (PIIX4E) supports up to four IDE devices, DMA controllers, two fast IDE interfaces, a multi-function PCI-to-ISA bridge, power management logic, and a real-time clock. The National Semiconductor Super I/O controller integrates the standard I/O functions such as floppy drive interface, two Asynch serial ports, and keyboard and mouse controllers. Many important server components are integrated onto the board, including Intel's EtherExpress Pro+ 10/100MB network adapter, a Symbios Logic Dual Channel 40 MB/sec Ultra-Wide SCSI controller, and a Cirrus Logic graphics controller with 2MB of SGRAM.



Model Number:  BOXN440BX

Brand:  Intel

Alt. Part Number(s):  N440BX

Product Type:  Server Motherboard


Technical Description

Brand:  Intel

Model:  BOXN440BX

Processor Class:  Pentium II, Pentium III, Slot I, Max Processor Speed 600 MHz

Number of Processors Supported:  2

Chipset Used:  Intel 440BX

Front Side Bus Supported:  100 MHz

Memory Types Supported:  1 GB (max) PC100 SDRAM Unbuffered ECC or RegisteredECC, 3.3 V; 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB

Number of Memory Slots:  4

Video Integrated:  2MB SGRAM

Audio Integrated:  None

Network Controller On-Board:  Intel's EtherExpress Pro+ 10/100MB network adapter

Onboard Device:  1 Parallel and 2 Serial Ports

IDE Mode Supported:  Ultra Wide SCSI, DMA/ATA-33 (Ultra)

SCSI Controller On-board:  Symbios Logic Dual Channel

AGP Slot:  None

Slots Available:  3 32-bit PCI 33MHz, 1 16-bit ISA, 1 Shared ISA/PCI

Number of USB Ports:  1 (on-board header)

Form Factor:  Server-AT, 12 x 13 Inches


* Product descriptions and part numbers are subject to change, and may not reflect manufacturer product changes. Please check the manufacturer's website and use the item's manufacturer part number to find the most up to date product description.


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