01786-001 - AXIS P8815-2 3D People Counter White - 3.1" Width x 6.6" Depth x 1.2" Height - 1 Each - White - Aluminum, Plastic - TAA Compliance

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AXIS P8815-2 3D People Counter combines stereoscopic imaging with 3D analytics for reliable people counting even in challenging conditions. From retail stores to museums, it provides valuable information that can help you gain insights into visitor trends and enable you to optimize your business operations. Integrated software and hardware AXIS P8815-2 3D People Counter provides 3D people counting software and dedicated hardware in one device. It''s delivered pre-calibrated, simplifying setup. Designed to be mounted on indoor ceilings, this discreet device comes in a black or white aluminum casing that can be repainted to blend in with the environment. With optional accessories, it can be pendant-mounted or recessed in a ceiling. You can also connect two AXIS P8815-2 3D People Counter units to cover wide entrances. Optimized for challenging conditions AXIS P8815-2 3D People Counter uses images delivered by two sensors to generate a 3D depth map for real-time counting of people passing through a pre-defined area. 3D imaging allows the counter to determine the size and height of moving objects, enabling taller objects (people) to be distinguished from smaller objects. This means the counter avoids counting things like carts, strollers, and shadows. AXIS P8815-2 3D People Counter is ideal for counting people in challenging conditions where there are shadows, strong sunlight, glares, or high volumes of foot traffic. It''s especially useful in areas with revolving doors or unconventional entrances. This people counter supports simultaneous counting of people passing in opposite directions. Additionally, the user interface allows you to flexibly define the counting area to suit the specific entrance. Gain valuable insights You can install AXIS P8815-2 3D People Counter at entrances or strategic places inside a location to help you understand the flow of people through an area. The data can then be used to help you optimize your business operations. It can help you identify peak visitor times, allocate staff optimally, and evaluate site performance. The counter also offers the possibility to, in real-time, estimate occupancy levels, and provides data on the number of people present in your premises or in a certain area. This insight can help you understand visitor flow and occupancy trends so you can improve how a space is used, get an indication of the revenue opportunity, and take measures if occupancy exceeds your set threshold. You can also inform potential visitors about peak visitor times or when your premises are at full capacity. Data from AXIS P8815-2 3D People Counter can be easily sent to AXIS Store Data Manager and AXIS Store Reporter (both sold separately), or to any 3rd party database or service.

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